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Uninterruptible Power for Mission Critical Facilities

Jul 8, 2018 | 0 comments

Businesses and agencies with mission critical power supply needs have long relied on traditional generators and battery reserves, but technologies are changing. Government agencies, hospitals, data centers, casinos, and businesses with perishable goods should consider using green technology. New green technologies can both help save money and provide uninterrupted power. During storms, power shortages, and power distribution mishaps, it is essential that businesses and agencies have enough power to keep running.

Going Green for Uninterrupted Power
Using green technologies for uninterruptible power sources is an excellent way to ensure that a business or agency will have power no matter what the situation. Whether there is an earthquake, a hurricane, a snow storm, a flood, an attack or a disruption in power distribution by the supplier, the organization will always have the ability to generate and use its own power. It can be empowering for an organization to know that its business operations will be able to withstand just about any situation because of its foresight. Business investors will be pleased to know that an organization has prepared for the inevitable loss of power, whether it is for a few minutes, a few hours or even a few weeks.

Relying solely on diesel generators or battery supplies is no longer the smart option for businesses who are concerned about losing power during storms and other incidents. Businesses can run out of diesel, and battery supplies dwindle quickly. The smartest backup power supply option is for the organization to generate and use its own power, and the only reasonable way to do that on-site is with green energy.

One of the best green technologies to utilize for both backup and primary power is solar power. Businesses and agencies can choose to install enough solar panels to power their entire operations, or they can choose to purchase enough solar panels to support only the most critical business operations.

Backup for the Backup
There are even green uninterruptible power supply packs that can be made to suit a business’ individual needs. These packs have everything that a business needs to keep the critical business operations going, including the power generation, storage and transmission capabilities. Some of these packs utilize solar energy alone, while others combine solar energy and wind energy. Some of these packs also include diesel powered generators as a backup power generation option.

Some organizations may be concerned because solar panels and wind turbines cannot always generate power 24 hours a day due to a lack of sunlight and wind, but electrical contractors know this. An uninterruptible power supply setup will include plenty of battery capacity to keep an organization’s critical business operations up and running through any scenario where the primary power supply is lost.

Businesses need to stop relying on diesel generators and traditional battery stores to power important business operations during power shortages, natural disasters and other power interruptions. Organizations should contact an electrical contractor today to learn about the green energy options that are available to use for their own backup power needs.


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